Creating a New Kind of Community Space

Third Space Art Collective is a non-profit arts organization that hosts art shows, music shows, workshops, and more. Our goal is to provide an accessible center for creation, exhibition, and congregation. We are a place where people can connect in a meaningful way through artistic expression, regardless of age, economic classes, or experience.

Third Space Theory

The term Third Space is based on a concept attributed to Homi K. Bhabha pertaining to territories that are not defined by a traditional oppressed / ruling class dynamic, but rather a post-colonial dynamic where the people are engaged in creating a new kind of society. In contemporary construction of three "spaces", one space is the domestic sphere: the family and the home. A second space is the sphere of civic engagement including school, work and other forms of public participation. Set against these is a Third Space where individual, sometimes professional, and sometimes transgressive acts are played out:
where people let their "real" selves show.