Creating a New Kind of Community Space

Located at 946 Olive Drive in Davis, California, Third Space is a new multipurpose space housing pop-up shops, gigs, art studios, workshops, and more. Our goal is to create a more accessible marketplace for artists and entrepreneurs, and to connect local and touring talent with audiences and collaborators.

art & music

The Third Space Art Collective
offers shared and dedicated
studio space, workshops,
music events and more.

flea market

The Davis Flea Market is proud to call Third Space our home! This local favorite happens on the last weekend of each month.
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Third Space Theory

The name Third Space is based on a concept, attributed to Homi K. Bhabha, pertaining to territories that are not defined by a traditional oppressed / ruling class dynamic, but rather a post-colonial dynamic where the people engaged in creating a new kind of society. In contemporary construction of three "spaces", one space is the domestic sphere: the family and the home. A second space is the sphere of civic engagement including school, work and other forms of public participation. Set against these is a Third Space where individual, sometimes professional, and sometimes transgressive acts are played out: where people let their "real" selves show.