The Future of Third Space is at Risk

Our lease at 946 Olive Drive is ending unexpectedly on April 20th due to a change in property owners and we urgently need your help to raise funds and find a new home to save Third Space so we can continue being a positive impact for Davis and the surrounding area.



Can’t support us financially? We are looking for things such as leads on affordable and available buildings in the general area, storage area, city council connections, letter writing, phone banking, legal advice, help cleaning and moving, or just donating your stuff we can sell at the next Davis Flea Market.

Fill out this form to see if you can help is some way!


Third Space Theory

The term Third Space is based on a concept attributed to Homi K. Bhabha pertaining to territories that are not defined by a traditional oppressed / ruling class dynamic, but rather a post-colonial dynamic where the people are engaged in creating a new kind of society. In contemporary construction of three "spaces", one space is the domestic sphere: the family and the home. A second space is the sphere of civic engagement including school, work and other forms of public participation. Set against these is a Third Space where individual, sometimes professional, and sometimes transgressive acts are played out:
where people let their "real" selves show.