5/6 - Black Live Matter

All Ages / FREE
May 6th6pm – 11pm
946 Olive Drive, Davis, CA

We are activists, organizers, and artists and we are calling on our local community to help create an art show that shifts the paradigm in Davis around Black lives; that demands real change from us both on local and national scales.

Our mission is simple, but the consequences far reaching – fight oppression, end white supremacy, and unlock our potential to reimagine our involvement in society. We argue art and literature have to be engaged in the struggle.

This show brings awareness to the continued role of art in student and community activism in the Black Lives Matter movement; showcasing the way art can be mobilized to radically change our community.

What does it mean for Davis to be committed to #BlackLivesMatter? Our vision for this show is to grapple with that question in meaningful ways – drawing artists and audiences into action. Art is not meant to be passively consumed, but rather made for action.

Expanding how we understand and experience this question is critical to engaging and mobilizing our community. By drawing together a community of activists and artists, we hope to build future connects between art, Black liberation, and student activism at UC Davis.

-Take Action-
There are a number of ways to get involved in our project! Below you’ll find three major ways to help us organize, agitate, and educate our community!
–You can create, submit, and share your art.
–Volunteering to help coordinate and display the show.
–Working with our social media team to spread the word.


Find out more about our submission guidelines by checking out our website:

All Ages / FREE
May 6th6pm – 11pm
946 Olive Drive, Davis, CA