6/23 - Alex Schweder Talk


6/23 – 7:00pm at Third Space Art Collective

Alex Schweder is an architect by training and an artist by nature. His examination of place having an effect on humans as well as humans’ effects on place has led him to his own brand of “performance architecture”. His works range from scratch and sniff wall paper and inflatable buildings to inhabitable self contained structures. His recent work called “Counterweight Roommates” found Alex and collaborator Ward Shelley living for a week on his house tower all while connected by a rope and pulley system. It was recently purchased by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Check out his work here:

Alex will present his fascinating body of work in a talk on June 23 at 7pm in Suite 1 at Third Space Art Collective. There will be a suggested sliding scale donation of $0-$5.