9/18 - KDVS Presents: Generifus, The Azeotropes, Pastel Dream


KDVS and Third Space Art Collective present…

generifus (Olympia, WA)
Generifus is the main musical project of songwriter Spencer Sult. Generifus began performing in 2005. When he was seventeen, Sult began self-releasing music and booking west coast tours. Since then, Sult has recorded with Karl Blau and LAKE, who in turn, have also contributed to live performances and Generifus albums. Sult has lived his entire life in Washington state and currently calls Olympia home. His songs reflect the beauty found in nature and life in the Pacific Northwest, and he has taken those songs on tour all over the United States and into Japan.

The Azeotropes
Aaron Stillman writes perfectly melodic pop-punk boppers, and will be performing them with the assistance of some wonderful entities known only as “Azeotropes”.

Pastel Dream
Brand new Davis band (featuring members of Starrsha) playing their first show ever!

SHOW: 8:00PM