9/18 - Music Show: Selector Dub Narcotic (Olympia), Pets (Sac), San Kazakgascar (Sac)

This is next level shit

We are extremely excited to host this show with three amazing projects on Sunday Sept. 18th. Doors at 7pm. Sliding scale donations from $5-10 dollars.

Selector Dub Narcotic is the spicy new dance project from legendary Olympia musician Calvin Johnson. Johnson is arguably the most foundational figure in the divisive indie-rock subgenre known as twee. As a member of Beat Happening and the Halo Benders and the head of K Records, Johnson helped shape the childlike, excessively quaint aesthetic that later gave rise to Wes Anderson movies and whatnot. But Johnson has also explored funk, dub, and electronic dance music over the years with his band Dub Narcotic Sound System. And now he’s continuing those pursuits under the name Selector Dub Narcotic. This is sure to be a wacky and sufficiently danceable set, so don’t miss it.


We’ve also got two sweet local bands to get things started. First it’ll be Sacramento shredders San Kazakgascar bringing their signature eastern psych feel, and then we’ll hear the likes of longtime local duo PETS with some surefire musical madness. Definitely worth checking out.