11/21 - Non Grata DIY Screen Printing Workshop



This workshop will teach methods and strategies for doing photo process screen printing in alternative environments and without the assistance of a well-equipped print shop. Students will learn to work with photo sensitive materials outside a darkroom, burn screens using the sun, create quality hand made transparencies without a computer, print with (and on) alternative materials, and combine screen printing with other media. Participants will work on individual and collaborative projects to produce a dynamic, portable, installation-based print exhibition. Time and attention will be given to making work for both gallery and alternative spaces with an emphasis on creating imagery with strongly communicative qualities effective in any environment.

11/21, 12pm – 4pm

Third Space Art Collective, 946 Olive Drive, Davis, CA

Non Grata is an internationally renowned performance art group from Estonia. They tour internationally almost non-stop and run an experimental traveling art school, Academy on the Wheels, which gives lectures and puts on workshops in universities all over the world. They will be touring with various artists from Finland, Oklahoma, New York City and Texas. We are proud to be bringing them to Davis from 11/18 – 11/21, 2015. While in Davis they will be teaching workshops and doing several performance art and print exhibitions. Their workshops and exhibitions focus on building political and social awareness, inspiring community involvement and empowering artists.

Al Paldrok (Non Grata, Estonia)

Troubleshooter Print (Hannes Paldrok, Kaspar Rabby, Ott Piibeman)