9/4 - Otzi, Creepy, Little Legs, Static Symphony


This haunting three-piece from Oakland channels the spirit of Juju-era Siouxie, Euro synth wailers and the tortured souls of early humyns trapped in glacial ice.

Creepy Little Legs
Woodland’s Creepy Little Legs may spend their off hours digging on horror punk records, but they write and play with an energy that blends touches of Northwest Riot Grrl and the heartland punk of Pollard and Westerberg.

Static Symphony
Music bloggers worldwide will soon be referring to this two-piece as “Stockton’s latest hotness.” Featuring the drummer of Kismet Aura, they’re one of the newest acts to emerge from the fertile primordial ooze of San Joaquin County, which gave us Pavement, Godspeed 209, Monster Treasure and other legends.

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