7/9 - Personwhowatchestoomuchtelevision, Kalm Dog, Dan Thorpe



[ Personwhowatchestoomuchtelevision ]

There’s something comfortably numbing about the noise of technology, but it’s never enough.

personwhowatchestoomuchtelevision was written by Rhys Nixon and adapted for performance by Concrete Collective. Equally hypnotic and surreal, Nixon retells his technology induced nervous breakdown — complete with youtube videos of golden retrievers, not sleeping for a week, and waxing lyrical about birds.

The show dances through sensations of drifting apart and coming back together. Of being a man but not sure of what that means or why it’s important. Sensations of whether ‘man’ is something worth being. Of going through the motions when the motions have become foreign to you. Of being insignificant but part of something even if you don’t know what it is or whether you want to be.

“expressive and dramatic… personwhowatchestoomuchtelevision is a fine work, powerful and probing.” – Realtime Arts

Musicial Peformances by:

Kalm Dog (Davis, CA)

Dan Thorpe (Australia)

All Ages / $8
Doors at 6:30 pm
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