6/29 - Ridgeway // Brave Season // Wild Kings



Ridgeway (Orange County)

Their new release Notes From The Underground has been gaining some hype within the local scene down south. Their post-rock / emo sound stands on its own but with the lush singing of Ybarra, it really makes for a great EP. Davis is stoked to have them and you’re gonna miss out on something beautiful if you don’t go.

Brave Season (Yuba City)
Some of Yuba City’s finest musicians. They somehow combine elements of math rock, emo, pop punk, and folk music to create some of the catchiest jams in the underground scene.

Wild Kings (Davis)
Feat. members of the local hardcore band Spines. These dudes are throwing out some fast thrashy jams that Davis doesn’t get enough of.

$5 / 8:30PM
All Ages