10/7 - Sleepaway Camp & Last House on the Left


Come one, come all!… Come any, if you so dare, for a night of terror, fear, scares, and waffles.

In celebration of this season of the witch, Third Space Art Collective will be hosting a night long horror movie marathon, catered with build-your-own-style homemade waffles, because horror movies and waffles just go together!

Featured films for the evening include:
“Sleepaway Camp”
1980’s slasher flick. More subtle, and with deeper undertones on the subject of sexuality and abuse, rather then the typical gore and torture-porn standards.

“The Last House on the Left”
In honor of the passing of Wes Craven, we present to you his landmark debut feature length film. Before Elm Street… before the Hills, before Woodsboro… Craven unleashed this unrelenting story of abduction and torture. Intermixed with a side-story reminiscent of old comedy duos of the first half of the 20th century, this film switches modes on the snap of a dime, all in order to enhance the very real terror on display.

$5 (includes free waffles with entry).

No Alcohol / All Ages