11/6 - The Spiral Electric (SF), Vasas, San Kazakgascar


The Spiral Electric (San Francisco, CA)
The Spiral Electric are a new psychedelic rock band from San Francisco, bringing a mixture of roaring guitars and orbiting synthesizer not heard this side of the galaxy since HAL 9000 dropped acid with Brian Jones in the windmills of your mind.

VASAS (Sacramento, CA)
Sacramento local neo-psych weird-pop sweethearts

San Kazakgascar (Sacramento, CA)
“Imagine Sonic Youth covering Martin Denny and you’d be pretty close to the border. San Kazakgascar conjures up images of Bollywood soundtracks one minute and the next, you’re trudging through the Sahara with 100 pounds of hashish on your back”. –Sacramento News & Review

All Ages, $5
Doors: 7pm
Show: 8pm
No Alcohol