11/21 - Non Grata / Wild Torus Performance Art Workshop: Collective Artwork & Public Interventions

Internationally renowned Non Grata Group give their newest workshop on creating collective performances and intervening in public spaces NON GRATA GROUP annually tour the world, from the Americas to Asia and across Europe, spreading their unique brand of public interventions and group inter-actions. Learn how to expand upon your own work, how to work together and how to bring the work into unlikely spheres.

This is a great chance to learn from and network with international and U.S. artists who tour almost non-stop!


11/21 – 12pm – 4pm

Third Space Art Collective, 946 Olive Drive, Davis, CA

At the end of workshop students may have possibilities to participate at event performances that will take place on 11/20 & 11/21. There are preplanned performance events that are an option for performances planned during the workshop. Events that are decided upon by the group may take place outside of these events.

1. The instructors will show documentation of their own public interventions.

2. The instructors will show documentation of other artists work relating to public intervention.

3. The instructor will share documentation of performance art relating to “limitations of the body”.

4. Participants will participate in performance exercises. The exercises will help bond the group and clarify social concerns shared by members of the workshop group.

5. In art space, participants will make performances dealing with different concerns. Participants will articulate the expectations for patron’s behavior and the actual behavior of the patron during the performance.

6. Workshop participants will work as a collective to conceptualize and implement a public intervention performance. Artists will work to create opportunities for interactions and collaborations with the public.

7. Public performances.


1. To become familiar with public intervention in the history of performance art.

2. To consider the actions of the patron within performance art and the range of opportunities for interaction that can be facilitated by the performance artist

3. To explore the differences between an audiences that are present to consume art versus going out to find an audience of people in public.

4. To examine to role of collaboration in public interventions.

5. To operate within the workshop as a collective

6. To conceptualize and implement a public intervention as a group

Non Grata (Anonymous Boh, Devilgirl, Badlock, Rabby, Otto, Estonia)

Wild Torus (New York)